With the advancement in our technologies, we all are quite confident that there are solutions to one and all the problems in the world. We are simply talking about the problem millennials have often faced or must have given a mere thought, having sexual relations with your partner. Men and women both tend to have confusion with the thought of sex, as spontaneous sex is one of the cases where there are most chances of pregnancy issues.

After this case, everyone knows that condoms are not the best and the reliable solutions while having sex. Some cases have reported being pregnant, and what’s worse than having pregnancy in this teenage. And what’s much better than having a solution to avoid such kind of pregnancies? Medical advancements have granted us a solution that is widely known as Vasectomy. 

Let us have a brief description and discussion over this term and see how it works! 

A widely known term today that holds a lot of significance is Vasectomy. The term implies and follows a well-maintained procedure. It is just a simple and small operation that is effective in preventing pregnancy. It simply will protect, or we can say, block the sperm from entering into the body of a woman during the process of ejaculation. But one should not have this thought that with this process, you cannot ejaculate. 

When no sperm is leaving the body, you will undeniably not get in touch with pregnancy as a hurdle, but still, while having a great orgasm, you can ejaculate well and thus, your sex life is not disturbed at all. Henceforth, there are no troubles in having a pleasant moment with your person with proper comfort. 

An experienced urologist at The Y factor can perform this operation. It is a process that gets completed in about 30 minutes in their respective clinics. Mens doctors do suggest that you can go to your offices or home or anywhere once you have effectively completed this surgery. 

Some basic facts regarding the effectiveness of Vasectomy! 

One question that follows every person after hearing out about this procedure is regarding the effectiveness of this treatment. People often ask their doctors before this treatment that if Vasectomy is 100{cee6bdd01ba820358fe35ebdf2ce31d45e424216b0a3a5a96949febd60964d58} effective or not? Fortunately, the answer is a complete yes! 

But, there can be a one in a million case where things might slip out of hands, and the tubes can rejoin. And this rejoining implies that the sperms can easily make way to enter, and the chances are high that you can even get pregnant. 

Well, you must know the sperms might still come out, maybe for a little while after you have successfully done and followed the procedure. That is why you need to follow for a check-up protest to completely know about how to stop the birth of a little one that you are not ready for; this ensures effectiveness in this procedure. 


We are hoping that you must have got some idea of the term vasectomy and its is working. Also, you should have a complete understanding of the side effects of this procedure to avoid difficulties in the long run.


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