A heated centrifuge is one of the most commonly used devices in laboratories. Heated centrifuges work by separating materials with different densities. This device also relies on centrifugal force to separate components from the parent sample.

There are several variants and models of centrifuges. Some are ideal for clinical laboratories while others such as the heated centrifuge are designed primarily for industrial purposes.

Heated centrifuges are also considered ideal for industrial settings and research labs. Some of their most notable uses include:

  • Helps users determine sediment and water content
  • Helps users determine the components of different substances including biodiesel, crude oil, fuel oil, and middle distillate fuels
  • Helps users identify the demulsibility characteristics, trace sediments, insoluble present, and precipitation number of lubricating oils

Hettich is considered the trusted manufacturer of various centrifuges designed for different applications and markets. Hettich also manufactures dependable industrial units that can effectively withstand intensive usage.

Its heated centrifuges come with specialty buckets that can hold conical and pear-shaped tubes for petroleum testing. The specially-designed glass tubes can also gauge solid and water particles in crude oil, fuel, and chrome bath fluid.

The device is capable of heating the chamber up to a temperature of +90 °C. Hettich has also tested the device to ensure it meets the needs of petrochemical and chemical laboratories as well as the automobile industry.


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