Want to wake up every morning with perfectly applied lip gloss, brows, or liner? What you can do to get a cosmetic face tattoo and how it works — or doesn’t, in some cases.

You may have wished that your flawless makeup would remain intact so you could just get out of bed and go when you woke up. Permanent makeup can make that dream a reality.

Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattoos that help you to recreate your favorite makeup look semi-permanently. You may have heard about microblading. Microblading has become famous thanks to the exponentially increasing interest in eyebrows over the last few years. But eyebrows are only the beginning. You can have just-bitten lips, sharply-lined eyelids, or even fake freckles.

The art and technique of permanent makeup have evolved so much that your friends will wonder how you look so natural and polished.

As cosmetic ink becomes more popular, it is essential to remember that “permanent” is the key term when discussing semipermanent makeup. Even though it may seem like a simple and easy option, your decision is still permanent.

Kendra Bray owns Better Brows & Beauty in St Petersburg, Florida. She says, “Clients say they’d never have a body-art tattoo. But in my mind, I think, ‘You’re tattooing yourself right now.'”

Before getting aesthetic tattoos, you should know some essential things. It’s also worth talking to your doctor about the treatments and whether they suit you. Before you get the needle, learn everything about microblading.


What is microblading?

The most popular permanent makeup procedure is microblading. This fancy term for permanent eyebrow tattoos is a fancy way of saying permanent eyebrow tattoos. The artist uses a fine needle to deposit pigment under the skin to create fuller and more natural-looking brows.

The microblade tool is equipped with excellent needles. Dana Pellegrino, licensed esthetician and brow artist, explains how you would use the tool to implant ink and create each hairstroke. When clients tell me they don’t like their eyebrows too dark or large, I know this is the method they prefer. The microblading technique fills in sparse spots on a full brow or can give the appearance of a fuller brow to some.

You might also hear terms like micro shading or brow feathering. Bray says that people will use different techniques to market their products. Some methods are still categorized under natural-looking hair strokes. Looking at the artist’s work examples before booking an appointment is essential.

Who Should Get Microblading Done?

Microblading is an excellent option if filling your eyebrows is necessary for your beauty regimen. To its credit, the procedure is dermatologist-approved. Ava Shamban MD, a board-certified dermatologist in St Petersburg, Florida, says, “It is a great treatment for restoring eyebrows.” She is so fond of this procedure that she performs microblading in her clinics. One of the most significant benefits to having your work done in a dermatologist’s office is that you can prepare for any unforeseen complications. We will act or react accordingly, says Dr. Shamban.

Even if you decide to use a cosmetic artist who does not have a medical degree to tattoo your body, consult your dermatologist first to ensure your skin can tolerate a tattoo. Bray will turn away clients who have oily skin and large pores. Bray says that microblading looks best when the fine details are achieved. People with oily skin will not heal the way you need them to.

How long do microblading treatments last?

Microblading fades (mostly) over time, like any tattoo. This makes permanent eyebrows look more semi-permanent. Pellegrino says that microblading allows you to achieve fuller brows with minimal commitment. Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, these brows will last between 1 and 3 years. You may notice that your eyebrows are fading if you’re using exfoliating products or not protecting them from the sun.

Depending on your lifestyle, you should return to your artist every 12 to 18 months. You decide when you want to return. Bray says that because the pigments fade slowly over time, it is up to you when to return for maintenance. Some people disappear and want to add more color; others wait until it’s almost wholly faded before returning. The artist will add color to an existing piece at a scheduled maintenance appointment.

What are the possible risks of microblading?

Any permanent makeup tattoo and any tattoo are susceptible to infection. Bray says that with all these procedures, the skin is opened, and blood-borne bacteria can spread. Therefore, it’s important to use disposable tools.

The board-certified dermatologist Adriana Lombardi, MD, also explains that “anytime during a procedure the skin barrier is disturbed, there is an increased risk of bacteria entering the body and causing infection.”

Dr. Lombardi advises that the best way to prevent this risk is to “go to a reputable clinic and perform it using a clean technique.” The technician should be opening the single-use instrument in front of you. Bray says that infection can occur when clients do not follow the correct aftercare. The client should keep the area dry for 10 days and avoid the sun. After six weeks, your artist should schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the skin has healed properly and you are happy with the result.

You may not only be at risk of medical complications, but you could also end up with eyebrows that you have disliked for more than a year. To avoid this, research the artist and ensure their style matches yours.

How much does microblading cost?

Tattooed eyebrows can cost anywhere from $600 to $1000, depending on the artist, area and price.

Lip Blushing

What is lip flushing?

Lip tattoos might bring to mind a glamorous grande dame who wears permanent lip liner but never seems to fill out her lips. But, Bray says, the technique is now refined. Lip tattoos are also known as tinting or lip blushing. They are a sheer wash of color that covers the entire lip.

Pruett says, “This super-natural semi-permanent tattoo defines your shape and builds consistent color for fuller lips and a polished pout without filler.”

For example, Bray uses her client’s natural lip color to add a deeper layer. The final result should look like an almost-bite lip with a slight lip color.

Bray says lip blushing requires a “more intensive” process than other permanent makeup tattoos. Since the skin on the lips also does not retain pigment, some clients need two or three touch-ups.

Who should be lip-blushing?

Lip blushing is a good option for a slightly blurred lip look with a bit of color daily. You also need to have a high pain tolerance. Bray says people feel pain and swelling because lips are more sensitive than other parts of the facial area.

You can expect to look a bit puffy after your appointment and for the next week to appear as if you have just had lip injections.

How long can lip blushing last?

After you have had multiple touch-ups to get the desired look, your color will last for about a full year. Pruett says that this treatment includes two sessions, separated by six weeks. The results usually last between three and five years. We recommend returning to the salon whenever you need a color boost.

What are the possible risks of lip blushing?

Dr. Shamban confesses that she is “not crazy” about lip-blushing Tattoos. She warns that “there is a greater incidence of allergic reaction to the red pigment in tattoos”.

In the unfortunate event, you develop an allergic reaction, there is no simple fix. Dr. Shamban said that the skin almost always becomes black when the red pigment is removed by laser. The patient will have the lowest complication risk if treated with expertise, artistry, care, and knowledge.

What is the cost of lip blushing?

Again, this depends on the area and studio. Pruett charges between $450 and $695 for lip blushing. Bray sets $1400. These prices include any touch-up appointments needed to achieve the desired look.

Permanent Eyeliner

What is permanent eyeliner?

Eyeliner tattoos can be customized to suit your needs and aesthetic. The lash enhancement is a dark line placed within the lashline to make your eyes stand out. Bray says that a lash enhancer will make you look like you have longer lashes, even if you are not wearing makeup.

You can also use semipermanent eyeliner to create your favorite looks, from a cat eye to a smoky, soft wing.

Who should use permanent eyeliner?

If you line your eyes every morning as part of your daily routine, permanent eyeliner will give you the same results without all the hassle.

How long will permanent eyeliner last for?

Pruett says that the results can last from one to three years. “We recommend returning whenever your color needs a boost.” You can return for a touch-up six weeks after the original appointment.

What are the risks associated with permanent eyeliners?

Infection is the most considerable risk for cosmetic brows, lips, and lashes. Dr. Shamban, however, approves eyeliner tattoos. He says they are sometimes an “ideal treatment” for extra lash definition.

What is the cost of permanent eyeliner?

Pruett charges around $600 for an enhancement of the lash line, which includes a touch-up about six weeks after your initial appointment.

Scar Camouflage

What is scar camouflage?

Scar camouflage involves tattooing the skin in flesh-colored pigments to hide a scar. The most common use of this treatment is to cover mastectomy scars. However, artists can cover other types of scars as well, including stretch marks and acne scars.

Dominique Bossav, a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement specialist, begins by assessing the scar. She then custom blends a pigment matching her client’s skin tone. She implanted the pigment in thin layers, less than one millimeter beneath the skin’s surface. Two to three sessions will be required to achieve the final product. These sessions are scheduled at intervals of five to six weeks to allow time for healing.

Who should use scar camouflage?

This service is ideal for anyone with scars that are lighter than the skin tone. This treatment is not recommended for brown, purple, or red scars. You should first undergo a laser treatment and bleach to remove brown, purple, or red scars. Then, you can get camouflage tattoos.

The scar must also be completely healed before any tattooing can take place. This usually takes between eight and twelve months. The redness and purple must wholly dissipate so there are no residual colors.

This treatment is not suitable for keloid scars. Dominique Bossavy, a semipermanent cosmetic enhancement specialist, explains that it is particularly effective on stretch marks because she can deal with texture and color simultaneously. These scars have also lost their melanin and collagen. Hyperpigmentation is another good candidate because the patches are lighter than their skin tone. These spots are usually caused by sun damage or acne.

How long can scar camouflage be used?

Scar camouflage is more durable than other permanent makeup because scar tissue has a heavier texture and lacks sweat glands. Bossavy assures her clients of results that will last years, particularly if they carefully avoid the sun and follow a gentle skincare routine.

What are the potential risks of scar camouflage?

Bossavy says that the most considerable risk is poor artistry. She says some technicians simply mix white and brown to mimic skin tones. The molecular structure causes the brown to turn orange with time. However, the white will remain bright and permanent. This has the opposite effect of making the scar more visible. Do your research and ensure that the artist’s techniques are something you can relate to.

How much does scar camouflage cost?

The price varies depending on the size of your scar, but in general, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $4,500.

Freckle Tattoos

What is a freckle tattoo?

Consider freckle tattoos the rebellious sister of permanent makeup. Some artists refuse to do them because it’s challenging to maintain an even fade across the face. Others argue that freckles naturally are uneven.

Bethany Wolosky, a cosmetic tattoo artist from St Peterburg in Florida, begins by drawing individual freckles using an eyeliner pen. She uses the stick-and-poke technique, which involves tattooing each freckle with a single needle rather than a machine. It takes four to five pokes per freckle. She will slowly create a freckled skin with diluted pigment until the freckles appear soft, natural, and under the skin’s surface.

After completing the first pass, she applies a numbing lotion to the face of the client and then goes back in to make the spots bigger or darker.

Who Should Get a Freckle Tattoo?

Wolosky’s clientele primarily comprises people who were freckled as children. She says their freckles disappeared as they aged and stayed out of the sunlight. “They want to look young without going out in the sunlight.”

How long does a freckle tattoo last?

Wolosky says that most clients will return to have their freckles touched up after a year or even two years, depending on the speed at which they fade and how darkly they desire them. Skin-care products usually accelerate the fading of tattoos. Expect to make regular appointments for maintenance or allow the tattoos to disappear completely.

You can take baby steps into freckle tattoos, unlike other permanent makeup. There are different amounts of freckles you can get, but not one eye that is permanently lined. Clients often ask Wolosky to add more freckles.

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