What Truly Makes Food 'healthy'?

Thai conventional food is unique with a mixture of assorted tastes and identified for its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices. Historically, transitions of food traditions in Thailand could be classified into 4 eras—the first era is the Sukhothai era (1249–1583), rice be a staple food and eat with mainly derived fish. Food was produced in households with no commerce, and food-associated morbidities were minimal during this period. The second interval is the Ayutthaya period (1350–1767), a period influenced by Indian tradition, spices have been launched in the cuisines. The third period is the Thonburi period (1767–1782), influenced by flavors of China with the introduction of steaming and stir frying.
This includes all legumes, from split peas, lentils of all colours, beans, chickpeas, and don’t overlook tofu and tempeh. It’s no surprise, then, that this studyfound that elevated bean consumption was the one food group that lowered mortality and …