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When love no longer exists in a couple, the best thing to do is to go your own way. But what happens when there is a child involved? The couple can keep things simple and save money. They can buy a DNA test from dnacentre if there are doubts about the paternity of the father. If the man has no doubts, the couple can come to healthy agreements about each other’s duties and rights. All agreements must be recorded on paper to avoid problems later on. In case the man has doubts, a home paternity test can help to clarify them. The advantage of this type of test is that it is much cheaper and has the same reliability as any other type of test. In short, the intention is to avoid going to court.

How to make agreements with your partner?

Both adults need to be mature enough to agree. You must understand that, whatever problems have caused the break-up of the relationship, the number one priority for both of you must be the welfare of your child. Agreements should be made on paper and, if possible, with the involvement of a notary. Another option is to record a video where each adult explains what he or she is committed to, mentioning the date and time. The couple should reach an agreement on what each will contribute to the child’s support, the times each person will be able to enjoy the child’s company and define possible extra expenses such as school or Christmas costs, among other factors that both will discover by talking to each other.

Why should they avoid legal proceedings?

If the couple cannot reach an agreement, the intervention of a judge will be necessary. The problem is that these proceedings are often expensive, cumbersome, and time-consuming. In addition, the judge may make decisions on elements that neither parent had considered. For example, the judge may state that the child should stay with his or her father if he or she finds that the child’s mother does not have the financial ability to care for the child. Similarly, the judge may freeze part of the father’s income to be used for the child’s expenses. Sometimes, the judge may ask the couple to take certain courses or workshops if he finds that other problems could affect the child’s natural development. In the worst case, the judge could remove the parental rights of both parents and place the child in a public institution or in a family foster home.


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