A heated centrifuge has several applications, mostly in the industrial sectors. Some industries will require the testing of samples under higher temperature conditions. However, not all centrifuge models can be used for this purpose.

Heat is considered a key component in studies such as industrial chemistry, food sciences, and other applied sciences. Typically, in these study areas, centrifugation will need heat application as well. This is done to help attain the desired results from liquid samples that are being tested for various purposes.

A heated centrifuge can come in handy in the following scenarios:

  • Determine sedimentation in water: Some material remains suspended in water which makes them difficult to be separated. Heating the sample can change the property of water causing the materials to settle in the bottom of the tube.
  • Sedimentation of compounds in beverage and food studies: In food and beverage studies, a heated centrifuge is also used. Liquid samples of beverage and food are also tested to determine the nutritional value (based on the ingredients used), quality and how they react to heat (based on their chemical composition).
  • Identify sediments in industrial fuels and grade oils: A heated centrifuge is also used in industrial chemistry, specifically in fuels and crude oil. Oil and fuel samples are tested for clarity and cleanliness. The sediments found in the samples typically indicate poor quality. In some cases, it is also an indication that new minerals can be derived from the sediments.


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