Pregnancy is an exciting time. There can be various complications that you would prefer to avoid. In addition, we have to wait for the gender to be announced, so that you can start purchasing clothes and preparing the nursery. Although it can take a few weeks before you know what the gender is, you can also get more clarity earlier. This can be done by means of a gender test. This test will give you a result within a few days and you no longer have to wait for the ultrasound at the gynaecologist. But what do you need to know about this test?

The gender test can be done early in the pregnancy

A gender test is a pregnancy test that you can perform early in the pregnancy, after which you know exactly whether you are having a boy or a girl. The test can already take place after 7 weeks of pregnancy, so that the ultrasounds at the gynaecologist only have to serve to monitor the health of your unborn baby. The test only has three steps, so you will have the answer within a short time. You take the DNA, send it to the lab and get the results back quickly. So if you really cannot wait for the ultrasound to arrive, it offers a good solution.

Testing your baby’s health

In addition to a regular gender test, you can also look for a more extensive test. This ensures that you not only know the gender of your baby, but also whether it is in good health. Most tests can already indicate the standard deviations, so you have less worries during your pregnancy. Make sure that you perform the test correctly. By following the steps in the manual, you avoid getting wrong results and you may still be faced with surprises. This can also provide you with great benefits in an early stage of pregnancy.

High accuracy in the test

Every gender test is 99 percent accurate. You can therefore assume that you will get the right results and know which colors you can work with in the nursery room. Buying nice stuff can start and you can also hang the first clothes in the closet. If your pregnancy becomes more challenging on the long run, you do not have to arrange anything anymore. All you have to do is perform the test correctly and send the DNA to the lab, so you get the accurate results from professionals.


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