There are a number of signs of alcoholism which you can look out for if you begin to suspect that your loved one is struggling from alcohol addiction.  Common signs of alcoholism include physical changes, hiding how much they are drinking, and continuing drinking depsite there being consequences.  If your loved one is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to call alcohol rehab Virginia.

Alcohol abuse and addiction a problem which is prevalent in Virginia.  It can be hard to determine is someone is an alcoholic because of the fact that alcoholics often go to great lengths to hide their drinking habits.  The severity of the alcohol use disorders can also impact the signs of alcohol abuse.  The more severe the addiction is, the more likely it is than other people start to notice alcoholic behaviors.

If you believe that a loved one has experiencing alcoholism, here are some signs which you can look out for.

1. Blackouts

People who are an alcoholic often experience blackouts.  While in a blackout, people lose the ability to form short-term memories for a time, due to how much alcohol is in the blood.  The individual will not be able to remember what happened when they were blacked out.

A blackout is a way that the body lets us know that a person is drinking far too much.  When a person has regular blackouts, this might be a sign that they are struggling with an addiction to alcoholism.

2. Inability to control drinking

The inability to control the drinking of alcohol is one of the key signs of alcoholism.  A person might say that they are only going to have a single drink, and then go on the drink in excess and get drunk, despite their intentions.  If your loved one often drinks more than they intended, this may indicate that they have an addiction to alcohol and require alcohol rehab Virginia.

3. Lying about drinking

When someone regularly abuses alcohol, they might go to great lengths to hide how much alcohol they are using.  For example, an individual might go to a bar with friends and only have a couple of drinks, but then go home and drink far more in private.  A person who is struggling with alcohol abuse might sneak away to drink alcohol while they are in a social setting, so others do not realize how much they are drinking.

4. Physical changes

Many who drink heavily regularly begin to show signs that they are abusing alcohol on a physical level.  They might begin to either gain or lose weight, and feel bloated all the time.  They might also look tired, as alcohol can stop the body from getting proper sleep.  Someone who is an alcoholic might also begin to have shaky habits, and visibly sweat when they are not drinking, because of withdrawal symptoms or due to a hangover.

5. Legal or work trouble

Alcoholism interferes with the ability of a person to perform at work.  They might start calling in sick more often, and perform badly while they are a work because they are intoxicated or have a hangover.

Someone might have legal problems because of their alcohol abuse.  A person might receive a DUI because of driving while they are intoxicated.  Some might behave in illegal or dangerous ways, such as stealing property or getting in fights, which can result in legal problems.  When behavior like this becomes a regular pattern in someone’s life, it is a solid indicator that they are struggling with alcohol abuse and should go to alcohol rehab Virginia.

6. Withdrawal symptoms

Many experience hangovers from drinking too much at least once in their lifetime.  However, regular hangovers can be a sign of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol withdrawal begins as soon as eight hours after a person’s last drink.  The more severe the withdrawal symptoms, the bigger the alcohol problem the person is likely to have.

7. Drinking despite consequences

Another symptom of alcohol addiction is when someone continues drinking despite facing consequences.  People who have an addiction to alcohol feel that they are not able to go without alcohol despite the problems which it has caused them.  If your loved one will not cut down or quit drinking in spite of the consequences which are obvious to everyone, they might be addicted to alcohol.

If your loved one needs help, it is available.  The first step is making a phone call to a treatment center to find out how you can help your loved one get sober.


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