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Choosing an assisted living community for your older family member is one of the most important decisions you will make for your family. It is vital that you find a place, that meets the expectations and requirements of both; as well as current and future needs. Here is a series of tips that can help you find the right place.

 1. License

Make sure that the residence for the elderly you want has corresponding licenses and permits to provide health services and related services such as protection and administration of medications, among others.

2. Environment

All staff within the community should warmly greet residents and they should appear comfortable receiving that greeting. One of the biggest tips to make a good choice is to think about what the place would be like or how you visualize the treatment towards your older relative. If possible, talk to residents. 

3. Food Service

It is vital that inside the residence, there are three balanced meals a day and that they are tasty. Make sure that the food is of the highest quality, that there is variety, and that special diets are implemented for those with diabetes or hypertension. If you think it is necessary, make some meals in the community to live the experience. 

4. Personnel

Ask about staff training, if they are staff hired by the residence or if they are external, if they have a licensed doctor and nurses on site to care for residents at the time they need it. 

5. Services

It is important that the residence has personal and medical assistance 24 hours a day. Also, ask if there is transportation provided to residents and if there are extra services, such as a pharmacy, a beauty salon, laundry, among others. Do not forget that there should also be a calendar fun activities and outings (as long as you authorize it). 

6. Medications and Medical Care

Before your elderly relative is admitted to a nursing home, a personalized care plan must be made. You should have a medical service that monitors your daily health conditions, follows up on doctor’s orders, and coordinates care and information needs with providers and families. Remember to ask about medication and injections.

Do Your Part

If you have an elderly loved one in a facility that offers assisted living in Tallahassee, make sure that you keep in constant communication with your loved one and the staff to ensure that everything is going smoothly. 


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